PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Certification Program

The 2-day PuMP® Blueprint Certification Workshop is a rigorous and practical methodology to redesign an organization’s performance measurement process. The emphasis is on practical techniques and templates, real-life case studies, and exercises with support from experts. Participants learn an eight-step framework that focuses on clearly communicating goals, generating buy-in and excitement for measuring and improving performance, creating useful and meaningful measures of performance, making lasting improvements in performance, aligning measures to strategy, measuring intangible goals, and streamlining the measurement and reporting process to reduce cost and effort and cycle time. 
This course is offered through a strategic partnership between the GWU CEPL, the Balanced Scorecard Institute, and Stacey Barr, the Performance Measure Specialist. Stacey has specialized in organizational performance measurement since 1993, and this workshop is the culmination of all her most practical learning and innovations. By learning the PuMP® Blueprint, participants will have the knowledge, tools and resources to create measures that transform an organization’s performance. 
Topics covered by the course include:
  • How to make your strategy measurable and easier to communicate and cascade 
  • Selection and design of performance measures 
  • Staff and stakeholders buy-in to own performance measurement and improvement 
  • Measure accountability and consistency, using the right data and with the right ownership 
  • Insightful and actionable performance reports and dashboards design that focus discussion on improvement 
  • How to interpret real signals from measures and understand whether performance is improving or not 
  • Measurement transformation and hitting performance targets 
For more about the program, please visit the Balanced Scorecard Institute website. 
Tuition: $2,200 (2 days)
For more information, contact:
Dr. Kathleen Leonard
(919) 460-8180