Leadership Embodiment Retreat Intensive

Wendy Palmer

The Leadership Embodiment (LE) model
The Leadership Embodiment (LE) model is used in this self-development course for coaches, OD professionals, leadership facilitators and educators to break down, study and attend to the critical 70% of communication that is non-verbal.  We specialize in assessing how our bodies organize while under pressure and offer exercises and practices that help us reconnect to our centered selves, a more open, uplifted and inclusive way of being.

The more we understand our own habits and patterns under stress and can embody the processes that help us recover, the more authentic we can be when coaching others. When we as coaches, embody strength and warmth, inspiration and interest, we are modeling what we would like to encourage in our clients. Instead of taking ourselves out of the picture we take the view that we are on the path with them. We practice along with them, together we cultivate – openness, transparency and enthusiasm.

LECT meditation graphicThe Leadership Embodiment Retreat 
For those that have attended a LE Level 1 Fundamentals Course or have completed LE L1 & L2, we invite you to attend a LE Retreat. Retreats offer participants a chance to deepen their experience of the LE model with more intensive practice. You can also register for a retreat while you are participating in the LE Coach Training, however you do need to have it completed by the 3rd session of the training. 

Retreats are an opportunity to come together with the community for more intensive practice of the LE work. Living together, the group will take a deep dive using the container of self-inquiry and group support. The retreat intensive involves sitting meditation and LE partner exercises. Wendy will give guided meditation instruction. Paired LE exercises are often practiced in silence with a 25 min meditation before group discussions.

What Will You Learn
Over the course of a 4-day long experience you will be practicing and deepening your awareness with the LE Model.  

A few practices you will learn:

  • Success exercise w/ sword
  • Declaration statement 5 ways
  • Partner sword practice
  • Group 2 Step
    (May evolve session-to-session)

Wendy Palmer
Our Partners & Senior Faculty: The course will be offered in partnership with Leadership Embodiment facilitated by Wendy Palmer. Wendy Palmer, the founder of LE is the lead instructor for all retreats. Wendy is the founder of Leadership Embodiment and author of three books, The Intuitive BodyThe Practice of Freedom and Leadership EmbodimentHow the Way we Sit and Stand can Change the Way we Think and Speak.  She holds a sixth degree black belt in Aikido and has practiced mindfulness for over 40 years.

Target Audience: Experienced Coaches looking to take their practices to the next level, Skilled Facilitators, OD practitioners, Educators, Professionals who want to support learning and development in organizations and their community.
To be eligible to register for a retreat you need to have completed LE Level 1. The retreat serves as one of the pre-requisites for the Leadership Embodiment Coach Training (LECT) if you choose to take that path.

Dates:  August 3-6, 2017 

Tuition:  $2,300 (includes program fee, all retreat materials, meals and accommodation)
Applicable Discount/Opportunities:
  • We offer a 5% discount for GWU Staff, Student and Alumni
  • We offer a 10% discount to GWU-CEPL Alumni
  • We offer a 10% discount for participants who choose to also register for our LECT (Leadership Embodiment Coach Training) or LE Level 1 & 2 offered by GW CEPL in 2018.

Venue:   Loyola Retreat Center, 13210 Green Ridge Road NE, Flinestone, Md. 21530

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Professional CCEUs will be provided once approved.

Academic Non-Credit CEUs: This course offers 3.2 Continuing Education Units based on 32 hours of faculty-led content.

Ina Gjikondi-Cecchetto 
Director, Executive Education and Coaching Services
Email: gjikondi@gwu.edu
Phone: 202-994-5313


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We offer a 10% discount for GW-CEPL alumni, COG members and groups of 5 or more.