Global Leadership Development Program


The Global Leadership Development Program is a non-credit, professional development designed by The George Washington University, College of Professional Studies. The objectives of the program include:

  • Acquire leadership and management capacities that enable the participants to lead in a complex, ever-changing environment;
  • Develop a global mindset that will allow the participants to lead in an increasingly globalized world;
  • Gain a practical experience in American workplaces; and
  • Build a global network with professionals from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds.

The program is composed of three sections:

Semester 1: Fall 2016 (November to December, 2016)

During the first semester, the students will participate in cohort-based classes to become adjusted to the new cultural and academic environment and enhance their language skills. Selected seminars that are tailored to the participants’ professional backgrounds will also be provided on a cohort-basis.

Semester 2: Spring 2017 (January to May, 2017)

During the second semester, students will be required to take one cohort-based class, while completing two elective classes from the existing course catalog with current students from the George Washington University. The purpose of the elective classes is to provide the participants with an opportunity to immerse in the American academic and classroom environment in their respective interest area. The cohort-based class is designed to supplement the immersion elective class and create a safe learning environment for the entire cohort to reflect upon their experience in elective classes.

Semester 3: Summer 2017 (June to August, 2017)

During the third and last semester, the participants are required to complete a 10-week practicum. The participants will be assigned to a host organization in small groups of 2 or 3. The practicum is designed to be a professional development experience that gives the participants an opportunity to observe American workplaces including shadowing managers or executives. The practicum experience is supplemented by a cohort-based, faculty-led seminar class.

Interns Bring Innovation & Gain Experience

Fitzroy Smith"The Risk Management office is thankful for the opportunity to work with Frank who assisted with several significant projects including creating an annual risk management report for the university and cataloging damaged equipment following a major loss at GW’s Science and Engineering Hall facility. We only wish that he could stay with us for another six months!"

Fitzroy Smith
Assistant Vice President, Risk Management & Insurance
The George Washington University

Chery Robertson"Charlie’s proficiency in English, analytical skills, and professionalism were instrumental in him contributing to our work on performance management. DCHR was seeking ways to improve employees’ performance management reporting for all agencies. Charlie brought a new and innovative idea of how to capture data on performance management, he developed a tool to use for inputting data, and he interviewed agency representatives to collect the data. This project would not have progressed as it did without Charlie’s insight and input."

Cheryl Robertson
Supervisory Human Resources Specialist
Center for Learning and Development, District of Columbia Department of Human Resources

Scott Coble“When the Office of Management and Budget for Montgomery County MD, was approached to host an intern from the GW ICBC program we looked at this as a great opportunity to share not only our work experiences, but our cultures, beliefs and values. After spending a few months with Freda, our office may have learned as much about her as she did about us. She was able to observe and participate in many leadership situations including interviewing directors and managers, attending public hearings, and even contributing to restructuring the organization of an entire department. In turn, Freda provided OMB a greater understanding of the difference and similarities between China and the United States…and ultimately, helped bring us all that much closer together. I think that pretty much sums the overall experience of ICBC program…it is one of those opportunities that can help bridge the gap between nations, societies, and cultures!”

Scott Coble
Manager, Office of Management and Budget
Montgomery County, MD

Wenzhong Wang"I think the program is rich in its content. It includes both managerial skills that ICBC could take advantage off, as well as the American culture and society in general. It used a variety of formats in and outside of the classrooms, and invited a lot of experienced professionals in different functional areas, which is very impressive. In general, GWU's training program has its unique advantage, and we have gained a great deal studying here."

Class President
Wenzhong Wang