The Art of Strategic Thinking

The ability to focus day-to-day decisions through the lens of the total enterprise is critical to make maximum use of resources while building a competitive edge. This workshop takes participants and teams through a fast paced series of interactive experiences to apply strategic thinking within an organization. The program is designed to guide teams and individuals through a process of cultivating a culture of strategic thinking. Participants learn to appreciate the differences between strategic thinking, strategic management and day-to-day work.  
This program is ideal for leaders seeking more innovative solutions from their business units, including the ability to align and execute the business strategy. It is also suited for members of a cross-functional team that need to apply strategic frameworks and management tools in support of the organization, and facilitate strategic change through improved cross-functional communication. 
Topics covered by the course include: 
  • Creating high performing teams  
  • Overview of strategic thinking 
  • Why seeing the big picture drive alignment throughout the organization
  • Strategic objectives articulation 
  • The importance of relationships, patterns and trends 
  • Creativity and innovation 
  • Information analysis 
  • How to prioritize actions and make trade-offs 
  • Individual value propositions (Dyad teams) 
  • Communications and change management 
For more about the program, please visit the Strategy Management Group website.
1 Day workshop: Priced upon request 
For more information, contact: 
Doug Maris
(217) 737-3731